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When transferring between Moscow and Saint Petersburg it’s very important to choose the right method of transportation that will not exhaust you and create more problems than enjoyment.

To our mind, the best alternative to noisy and crowded airports (especially in Moscow) is to take the Fast SAPSAN Train that runs several times a day between the two capitals of Russia.

Train Schedule between Saint-Petersburg and Moscow for 2013
(train departures might be changed)

1 06:45
2 13:30
3 13:45
4 16:30
5 19:25
6 19:45

Whether you choose Economy class or Business Class coach, you will enjoy the smooth, tranquil and hassle-free journey unlike when traveling by plane. From 3:40 to 4:10 hrs and you have reached your desired destination.

Both classes offer comfortable wide seats with plenty of leg space. Business class also offers complimentary meal and unlimited drinks, alcohol, slippers to let your feet rest, newspapers and free wi-fi.

A plane ride between St. Petersburg and Moscow takes only 1,5 hrs, but when you add time required to get to the airport and then transfer from the airport to your hotel, must allow time for security check and flight check-in, it finally adds up to 5 hrs or sometimes even more, as flight delays to and especially FROM Moscow are extremely common.

Business Class
Economy Class

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