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We're on a cruise ship. Do we need to obtain any visas prior to arriving in Russia and touring with you?

No, you don't. UlkoTours LLC is a fully licensed tour operator registered with the Federal Ministry of Tourism, registration number MBT 005452. Under the federal license and under the special agreement with the port and customs authorities, we do Visa-free tours for all cruise ship visitors. A visa-free tour (or a Blanket Visa tour) means that you will leave the boat and will come back only accompanied by your guide. If you wish to have more flexibility and explore the city on your own after the tour , you will need to obtain your own Individual Russian Visas. (expecially applies to those passengers that arrive onboard Oceania's Regatta, Seabourn cruises or SilverSea - as they dock in the city center) if you don't know where to start - ask me!

Are you able to customize the tours to our personal preference?

Yes, we can certainly customize any tour to your preferences or simply will create something truly unique for you. This is what we are here for.

How can I pay for the tour?

We accept various types of payments: by credit/debit card, check, PayPal and cash upon arrival.

If you wish to pay with a credit card, we offer you a secure option of paying on-line through the secure bank server. You can choose the amount you wish to pay and control all your payments made and due through your on-line personal account with us.

Do you offer tours in any other languages besides English?

Yes, we can provide a tour in basically any language upon request. Please note that there might be an additional surcharge for rare languages like Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and some others.

What type of transportation do you use?

For luxury premium tours we use Mercedes S-class or BMW 7-series, if those are private tours. For group luxury tours we use Merdeces Sprinter with highly comfortable seats. You can view all the types of vehicles we use by clicking here.

What is the tipping policy?

Although tipping is not required, your guide and driver would very much appreciate any gratuities you leave them. Usually it's 10% of your total tour cost and is divided as 2/3 to the guide and 1/3 to the driver. You might want to leave more or less depending on your experience.

Do we need to provide any pesonal information to the company representatives?

If you are arriving by plane or train and already have a Russian Visa,
then the only information we need from you is your name and your phone

If  you  are a cruise passenger and require visa-free service, then we
need  the following information from you to be able to arrange for you
blanket visas - this information is submitted with the Russian customs
so that they would be able to let you disembark without a visa:
Full Name
Passport Number
Date of Birth

If you are a land traveler requiring visa assistance (Visa Support) then you can process your own paperwork on-line without revealing any of the information to ULKOtours managers. Please visit this link to learn more about Visa Support documents.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, ULKOtours accepts all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Is credit card billing in US Dollars or in Roubles?

As all credit card transations go through a Russian bank then all the billing is in Russian Roubles. Please note that some American, Australian and UK banks might charge a 3% international fee for transactions in fofeign currency. ULKOtours doesn't charge any additional fees for credit card payments.

Can we photograph and video during the tour? is it included?

Yes,  you  can  video  and  take  pictures  in  almost all the museums
included  into the tour itinerary with exception of Peterhof, where no
photo/video is allowed at all.

There  is  a  photo  fee for Hermitage museum IF you have a big camera
like  Nikon  or  Canon. If it's a small one and fits into your pocket,
then no ticket is necessary.
If  you're traveling with a big camera just let us know in advance and
we will get you a camera ticket for the Hermitage as a bonus

Are there any evening tour options available for ballet,opera or folk-show?

Yes, Of course we can arrange tickets to any performance upon your request. Prices are subject to the season and the performing theater. Thus, Mariinsky theater tickets will always be more expensive than Alexandrinsky theater or the Hermitage theater. If you are interested in specific dates, please contact our managers.

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